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Master Basic Portuguese Conversation Have you been interested in visiting Brazil, but your Portuguese skills are a little rusty? Trust me, I know that feeling. Maybe you have a partner or a friend who is urging you to head on down to Rio or São Paulo and visit the rich, cultural phenomenon that is Brazil. […]
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Brazilian Portuguese Adjectives And Adverbs If you have made it through the lessons on verb conjugation and tenses, that is huge. You are now at a point in your Portuguese journey where you can learn any verb and start manipulating it to suit your needs. Now we will focus on learning how to use adjectives […]
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Tenses Beyond The Present Indicative In Brazilian Portuguese Everything that I have discussed so far when it comes to verb conjugation has dealt with either the infinitive form of a verb or its form in the present indicative tense. In this article we are going to move beyond these conjugations to discuss other tenses. I […]
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Brazilian Portuguese Irregular Verbs In the last article, we looked very closely at the two verbs, “ser,” and, “estar,” and I made the point that these two verbs are classified as “irregular.” But, I still have not really defined what that means, and I intend to do so now. An irregular verb is one whose […]
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Brazilian Portuguese Verbs: Ser & Estar If you have read my article on Brazilian Portuguese verbs then by this point, you should have an idea of how verbs work in the language. The verb meanings themselves are not really any different than English verbs, in that they all have word to word translations. It’s just […]
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Brazilian Portuguese Verb Conjugation In the previous article we discussed Portuguese verbs in their infinitive form. In this post we are going to step into the realm of verb conjugation and define what we must do if we are to discuss a verb that is actually attributed to a noun, or pronoun. I remember when […]
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Brazilian Portuguese Verbs If you are reading this then I have no doubt that you’ve made it through some tough concepts so far and I hope that you are feeling enthusiastic about this topic. The subject of Portuguese verbs is packed to the brim with information, so let’s jump on in. In this article we […]
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Word-Contractions And Prepositions In Brazilian Portuguese The best place to start when discussing word-contractions in Portuguese is to re-define them first in English. A contraction word is what happens when we join two words together. For example, “is not,” becomes, “isn’t,” “can not,” becomes, “can’t,” and so on. Portuguese also does this with many words, […]
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Making Sense Of Pronouns In Brazilian Portuguese Pronouns are among the most used words in English, and as you can probably guess, in Portuguese as well. Luckily for us, Portuguese makes use of pronouns in essentially the exact same ways that English does. In order to properly discuss pronouns, we need to step back and […]
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Identifying Portuguese Nouns: People, Places, And Things In English, we define a noun as a person, place, object, or thing in general. This is the English definition, and you will be pleased to know that it is the same definition in Portuguese. The topic of nouns in Portuguese could be quite lengthy if I were […]
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Finding Context In The Unknown In Brazilian Portuguese In my last article, Mastering The Concept Of Word Gender, we looked at a table of word-endings in Portuguese. This table included an example for each word-ending and also listed itsgender. Obviously in real life conversation you will rarely stop someone toask them what the gender of […]
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Mastering The Concept Of Word Gender In Brazilian Portuguese If you have never encountered the concept of word gender before, then this may be a pretty hefty lesson. I will try to condense it down and make it easy to digest, but quite frankly to this day, this is one of those things that still […]
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Troubleshooting Your Progress With Brazilian Portuguese At this point it is probable that you have some preconceived notions aboutwhat it takes to learn a language. Maybe you have tried before and didn’tsee the success you were hoping for, or maybe you have always wanted tobut never felt like you would be able to. Well, regardless […]
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Introduction To Brazilian Portuguese What good would any site be if it didn’t first start off by giving abackstory of the topic at hand?Well… not very good, I think. So, let’s do that now. As you are aware by this point, Brazilians do not speak Spanish, as amajority of the English-speaking world tends to assume. […]
How To Speak Brazilian Portuguese
All Things Brazilian Portuguese I am very glad that you have taken this step in your learning process andthat you are giving me the opportunity to impart what I have learned aboutBrazilian Portuguese on to you. These lessons work best when they are done consecutively, and on a daily basis. The bottom line is that […]