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Back in 2015, I traveled to Brazil for the first time to attend my brother’s wedding. At that time, I was under the impression that Brazilians spoke Spanish and I had never even learned a single word in Portuguese.

Needless to say, I was rendered pretty useless when it came to communicating or having any meaningful impact on the people I met there. However, in the midst of all of it, I did meet one particular woman who took a pretty big interest in me. She happened to be learning English and so she helped me as I fumbled my way around the city of São Paulo.

We decided we wanted to keep in contact and see if we could build a relationship and when I came back to the United States, I made the decision that I needed to learn her language in order to have a deeper connection with her.

Now, after years of trial and error and struggling immensely, I finally have been able to master a level of fluency in Portuguese that I never thought possible at that time.

What I have been able to do is not anything novel by any means. I just so happen to have had a big reason to learn the language. Obviously, everyone’s story is different, and I do not expect that your reason for learning Portuguese is the same as mine. However, what I do want to say is that if I could do it, so can you. And I am going to help you!

Since my brother’s wedding, I have now been to Brazil many times and I have spent literally hundreds of hours speaking with thousands of natives all across the country. I have taken all the knowledge that I have learned firsthand and compiled it into an eBook course that I call “7-Day Portuguese.”

In this eBook I teach you…

The fool-proof way to ensure that you can confidently call on your Portuguese in any situation so that you can interact, impress, and participate in any discussion and add value to the conversation.

My best methods for pronouncing the Portuguese accent, diphthongs, and nasal sounds, so that you can sound like a native Brazilian, even if you do not know a single word in Portuguese!

How to use my “Cognate System” to jumpstart your vocabulary and usability so that you can start speaking useful Portuguese immediately after finishing the course.

How to take my years of mistakes and personal experiences to propel you towards fluency so that you don’t have to struggle anymore in your own journey.

You’ll also get my two Bonus lessons that will give you the inside scoop on key vocabulary words and terms that will put you far ahead of your current level.

Here’s exactly what you’re going to get out of this eBook when you download your copy today:

Module 1
Lesson 1 – Introduction To Brazilian Portuguese
Lesson 2 – Myth-Busting And Building Confidence
Lesson 3 – Troubleshooting Your Progress

Module 2
Lesson 1 – The Portuguese Alphabet
Lesson 2 – An In-Depth Overview Of The Brazilian Accent
Lesson 3 – How To Swallow Your Words
Lesson 4 – Diphthongs
Lesson 5 – How To Deal With Unknown Sounds

Module 3
Lesson 1 – Mastering The Concept Of Word Gender
Lesson 2 – Finding Context In The Unknown
Lesson 3 – Making Mistakes And Moving Forward

Module 4
Lesson 1 – Identifying Nouns; People, Places, And Things
Lesson 2 – Making Sense Of Pronouns
Lesson 3 – Word-Contractions And Prepositions

Module 5
Lesson 1 – Portuguese Verbs
Lesson 2 – Verb Conjugations In Portuguese
Lesson 3 – Ser & Estar, And Irregular Verbs
Lesson 4 – Irregular verbs; A Deeper Dive

Module 6
Lesson 1 – Tenses Beyond The Present Indicative
Lesson 2 – Adjectives And Adverbs
Lesson 3 – Diminutives In Portuguese

Module 7
Lesson 1 – Colors
Lesson 2 – Numbers; Cardinal & Ordinal, And Math
Lesson 3 – Days, Weeks, Months, Years And Time
Lesson 4 – Brazilian Money
Lesson 5 – Putting It All Together
Lesson 6 – Cognate System Vocabulary Boost
Lesson 7 – How To Gain Experience Quickly And Powerfully
Lesson 8 – Concluding Remarks

Bonus Lesson 1
The Power Of Ir, Ter, Ser, Estar And Haver

Bonus Lesson 2
Slangs And Idioms

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I know buying anything online can feel like a risk. That is why I want to ease your mind by offering a 30-day, no questions asked, money back guarantee. I am so confident that you are going to benefit from this eBook that if, for any reason, you find that it is just not for you then send me an e-mail to my personal account and I will issue you a full refund, and let you keep the book as a thanks for giving it a try.

When I consider the amount of time, energy and money that has gone into my journey with learning Brazilian Portuguese, it is easily in excess of $20,000, from travelling around Brazil and paying for flights and hotels and the cost of living.

If I were to charge $100 per hour for a one-on-one session with you, after a 5 hour day, that would be very expensive!

So let me ask you a question.
If I could guarantee you that you will see results from this course, what price would it be worth to you?

If I could guarantee you that you will be able to get past the hurdles and roadblocks and begin learning at an accelerated pace, how much would you pay for that?

Really ask yourself… “what is this worth to me?”

When you download this eBook course, right now, you will get immediate access to:
My “7-Day Portuguese” Course ($445 Value)
My 2 Additional Bonus Lessons ($70 Value)

My 30-Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee ($30 Value)

For A total Value Of

But let’s do better than that…

Let’s get you speaking Brazilian Portuguese without breaking the bank like I did.

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