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My goal is to help you reach yours!

Ei, como está indo? Meu objetivo aqui é te ajudar a conquistar e realizar seu sonho de poder falar português fluentemente.

Have you always wanted to speak Brazilian Portuguese but have been struggling to get a handle on the language?

Speaking Brazilian is so much more than just knowing a bunch of random vocabulary.

It takes dedication, time, patience, and effort to master the language and those are things that most of us don’t always have much of these days.

I have spent several years of my life studying Portuguese and can finally say that I am at a level of fluency that I never thought possible when I was just starting out.

If you want to experience fluency and proficiency and make yourself proud too, without spending years running in circles like me, then you absolutely should check out the content at Rocket Language Portuguese.

Learn Portuguese Online with Rocket Languages

These guys are the best in the game and will have you speaking with confidence in no time.

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If you are instead looking for free resources that will have you speaking Portuguese from your first lesson, then a great option for you is to check out PortuguesePod101.

Learn Portuguese with Free Podcasts

Out of all the programs out there that I have tried, I can safely say that their lessons have had some of the strongest impact on my results, especially when I was just starting out.

PortuguesePod101 has tons of content, and they don’t require any credit card or anything for their free lessons.

Just head on over to their site and start learning. It’s that simple!

I’m always striving to create free new content as often as possible to help you learn Brazilian Portuguese without breaking the bank.

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Don’t give up on your goals and good luck in your learning journey, my friend!

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-Galilee Berman

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