Brazilian Portuguese Adjectives And Adverbs Featured Image
Brazilian Portuguese Adjectives And Adverbs If you have made it through the lessons on verb conjugation and tenses, that is huge. You are now at a point in your Portuguese journey where you can learn any verb and start manipulating it to suit your needs. If you have not read […]
Troubleshooting Your Progress In Brazilian Portuguese Featured Image
Making Progress With Brazilian Portuguese It is probable that you have some preconceived notions about what it takes to learn a language. Maybe you have tried before and didn’t see the success you were hoping for, or maybe you have always wanted to but never felt like you would be […]
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Introduction To Brazilian Portuguese What good would any site be if it didn’t first start off by giving a backstory of the topic at hand? Well… not very good, I think. So, let’s do that now. As you are aware by this point, Brazilians do not speak Spanish, as a […]
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All Things Brazilian Portuguese I am very glad that you have taken this step in your learning process and that you are giving me the opportunity to impart what I have learned about Brazilian Portuguese on to you. These lessons work best when they are done consecutively, and on a […]
Mastering The Concept Of Word Gender In Brazilian Portuguese Featured Image
Word Gender In Brazilian Portuguese If you have never encountered the concept of word gender before, then this may be a pretty hefty lesson. I will try to condense it down and make it easy to digest, but quite frankly to this day, this is one of those things that […]